Client management package developed specifically for community advocacy organisations.

Flexible Client Management Software

Developed specifically for community organisations, with a particular focus on advocacy.
Originally released in 2004 and continuously improved since then.


You're niche, is our niche

We are able to be far more responsive than large enterprise companies. Consider a service like 'Salesforce', a massive, popular, very functional product. It can be used for many purposes, which is great, and some organisations use it for advocacy.

What happens however, when your funder suddenly changes its reporting mechanism from an annual word document, to the bi-annual 'Data Exchange', or out-of-the-blue asks you to provide a one-off report aggregating all your data for the last five years, in a new way, due in two weeks time?

Advocacy, is itself, too specialised and niche to receive the support you need from such a large vendor like Salesforce, however 1024 is able to provide that support, and we've been doing it for over 15 years.

Flexible and highly customisable

Ivo can be used to capture virtually any kind of information for your organisation. Would you like to track time spent travelling vs administration vs client visits vs advocacy vs education? Survey results? Ivo can do all these, and they only take us a short amount of time to configure for you.

Focussed on community organisations, and focussed on advocacy

Since very early on, 1024 has provided its services exclusively to community organisations. We understand the sector and its various unique requirements around reporting obligations, restricted funding and so on.


Martin ButcherCEO, Regional Disability Advocacy Service
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Hi Rohan, I am just letting you know that I have successfully lodged all our DEX reports. Thank you for your support. It must be very stressful for you to get everyone over the line. I appreciate your help .
Debbie VerdonCEO, Grampians Disability Advocacy
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Being a multi-site agency, IVO is an essential communication tool ... especially useful when an advocate is on leave, meaning support for our clients is seamless ... We love it, it's brilliant.
Laura JenzenBusiness Manager, Advocacy for Disability Access and Inclusion
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ADAI moved to IVO late 2016. IVO makes it easy for us to run reports and keep up with Governmental reporting changes. The team at IVO work quickly to resolve issues and enhance functions for staff to be more efficient. We recommend IVO as a database and reporting tool.
Ken HardakerCEO, Advocacy Tasmania
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Advocacy Tasmania has found 1024 and Rohan Mitchell to have an excellent understanding of the Community Sector...1024 was professional and responsive and has remained so after development was completed.

DSS DEX Support

Ivo supports DSS DEX reporting for advocacy programs – NDAP, NDIS Appeals, Disability Royal Commission, ILC, Redress Support etc.

Manage Clients

The ‘Manage Clients’ screen is a one-stop shop where you can view and update all information about a client and their service records.

Service History

The ‘Service History’ tab of the Manage Clients screen shows all instances of service the client has received from your organisation.

Interactive Calendar

Ivo has an interactive calendar providing an alternative method for interacting with client file notes. Staff can pick their own colour for their entries.


If ‘Joan’ takes a call from one of ‘Bill’s’ clients, Joan simply needs to enter the information into Ivo and Bill will automatically be notified the next time he opens the program – no more sticky notes on monitors!


There is a function for analysing statistical data that you can collect in Ivo.


All prices listed are exclusive of GST.

NFP License

Per User or Per Computer
$ 55
  • List Item #1
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3

NFP License

Per User or Per Computer
$ 550 Annual
  • All regular updates
  • DSS DEX Reporting
  • NDAP / DRC / NDIS Appeals Funding
  • Qld Disability / Vic QDC / NACAP Funding
  • Customise for any other funding or project
  • Individual / Family / Citizen / Systemic Advocacy
  • Support Coordination / Surveys / Inquiries / Education and Group Sessions
  • ... and much more