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Scroll through the pictures below to see some of the many capabilities of Ivo. (See the caption below each picture for its description)

Ivo is DSS DEX compatible. The DSS tab in a client record is where you can record all fields for DEX reporting.
Ivo uses the 'batch upload' method for DEX reporting. Ivo produces the required file for you to upload to the DEX site, which takes just a few minutes. Ivo performs extensive data validation to ensure the data you upload to the DEX will be error free.
This is the 'Manage Clients' screen, which is a one-stop shop where you can view and update all information about a client and their service records.
The 'Service History' tab of the Manage Clients screen shows all instances of service the client has received from your organisation.
Ivo has an interactive calendar providing an alternative method for interacting with client file notes. Staff can pick their own colour for their entries.
Messaging and notifications between staff. For example, if 'Joan' takes a call from one of 'Bill's' clients, Joan simply needs to enter the information into Ivo and Bill will automatically be notified the next time he opens the program - no more sticky notes on monitors!
Creating new service records, such as the Client Advocacy Issue shown here, is very fast because Ivo only requires minimum data at this point. The whole process can be completed within 20-30 seconds.
A function for analysing statistical data that you can collect in Ivo.
The 'Statistics' function in Ivo can be used to configure and record survey data, such as for client satisfaction surveys.
You can then use the 'Statistics' function of Ivo to analyse the aggregated data.