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Capabilities     Cost     Why 'Ivo'?

Ivo is a Microsoft Windows application that has been developed specifically for community organisations.

Some of the many capabilities of Ivo are -
  • DSS DEX compatible! Ivo is preconfigured to manage the DSS DEX (for advocacy), NDAP, NACAP, HACC, CHSP and Victorian DHS programs;
  • manage many different service/activities - advocacy, education and group sessions, general inquiries, counselling, membership, risk assessments, satisfaction surveys etc,;
  • an interactive calendar for managing client file notes;
  • record survey responses from clients;
  • statistics analysis for all of your programs and stats;
  • fast record creation;
  • Ivo can also be configured to manage any reporting requirement of any funding source;
  • incredibly flexible and powerful reporting, research and analysis tools - no matter what the requirement, if the Ivo collects it, you can analyse it;
  • audit trail of access and changes to your data - you know exactly who did what and when;
  • messaging and notifications between staff - eg. if 'Joan' takes a call from one of 'Bill's' clients, Joan simply needs to enter the information into the database and Bill will automatically be notified the next time he opens the program - no more sticky notes on monitors!;
  • a 'notepad' where you can quickly record notes (during a phone call for example), and decide afterwards what to do with them (create a new issue; attach to an existing issue etc);

Surveys -

Ivo can be used to record the responses for surveys you send out, such as client satisfaction surveys.

You can then use the 'Statistics' function of Ivo to analyse the aggregated data.

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