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Ivo has been developed specifically for community organisations, with a particular focus on advocacy. It was originally released in 2004 and has been continuously improved since then.

1024 and Ivo have several unique benefits -

We are able to be far more responsive than enterprise companies. Consider a service like 'Salesforce', a massive, popular, very functional product. It can be used for many purposes, which is great, and some organisations use it for advocacy.

What happens however, when your funder suddenly changes its reporting mechanism from an annual word document, to the bi-annual 'Data Exchange', or out-of-the-blue asks you to provide a one-off report aggregating all your data for the last five years, in a new way, due in two weeks time?

Advocacy, is itself, too specialised and niche to receive the support you need from such a large vendor like Salesforce, however 1024 is able to provide that support to you because your niche, is our niche.

Ivo can be used to capture virtually any kind of information for your organisation. Would you like to track time spent travelling vs administration vs client visits vs advocacy vs education? Survey results? Ivo can do all these, and they only take us a short amount of time to configure for you.

Since very early on, 1024 has provided its services exclusively to community organisations. We understand the sector and its various unique requirements around reporting obligations, restricted funding and so on.