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About 1024

1024 (ten twenty four) is a Tasmanian IT company that develops software specifically for the community sector.

1024 has extensive experience providing database expertise to community organisations, and since 2002 has worked almost exclusively for community organisations. 1024 has developed a number of solutions for a variety of organisations, including Department of Immigration funded Migrant Resource Centres, the Tasmanian Online Access Centre network to produce an electronic booking and resource management system, and a number of other NGOs.

For the most part, 1024's work has centred on providing organisations with the ability to make meaningful use of data they collect in order to:
  • improve their own planning processes;
  • provide needs based analysis;
  • analyse data to identify emerging trends;
  • ease the burden of statistical reporting required by funding providers; and,
  • provide statistical evidence as support for funding applications.
Our primary product is Ivo, our client management software developed specifically for community organisations that provide client related services.

Why '1024'

2^10 (2 to the power of 10), which is 1,024. There are 1024 bytes in a kilobyte, 1024 kilobytes in a megabyte etc.